#25 Buy Me Dinner Before You Screw Me... Spain NLV isn't happening

This is going to be super long, and there's a lot of cussing, so I apologize beforehand! If you have been following along, you know we have been through the wringer and then some. Our Journey started in January when we decided to move to Spain. We hired a lawyer and began obtaining our paperwork. I made a lot of mistakes and, at the time, very much was mad at myself. Our Lawyer was very attentive and kind, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. We applied mid-June when we sold our house to qualify and had it kicked back, even though it was approved through email. The Consulate wanted additional forms, and I also believe the Consulate was pissed that we submitted the order incorrectly.

This is where I should have known something was off...So I am a person that has been through a lot of things in my life, and although I laugh (great sense of humor, I think hehe), am friendly and very open-minded, I have also learned that everyone I rely on screws me over. I mean, everyone, not being hyperbolic this time. This has led to me being a very do everything myself person. As I say, "Why can't I do all the jobs, for everyone, all the time." I know that's not a great way to self-care, but things won't happen if I don't do it (except for Johnny who has been a great partner through this process)!

I didn't want to hire a lawyer. The paperwork seemed pretty straightforward, and I'm smart most of the time. My only anxiety was that I did not know enough Spanish to feel like I could navigate all of this, wanted a guarantee of getting it as we SOLD OUR FAMILY HOME (thought a lawyer would guarantee), and wanted support in Spain. Not speaking the language fluently was freaking me out. My whole existence and career have been communicating, so this was the first significant anxiety I had felt in a long time. I told Johnny I'm leaving a country where I communicate great but can't find people to be close to for a country where I can be close to people but can't communicate. Never easy is my way!

Fast-forward to July 28th where we finally can reapply. This time we were getting our Lawyer to go through it with a fine-tooth comb, over multiple days. Now for someone who doesn't easily trust I guess my kryptonite is Spanish lawyers. I used a lawyer in the states a while back for something else, and it went great, so I think I forgot that an excellent lawyer is an exception, not the rule (nothing against the good ones).

A few weeks after submission, our Lawyer unexpectedly quits...uh. Yay, more people to trust; what does this mean for our case? I am freaking out. I get a friendly email from the new lawyer that says how we will be their priority, and they know how complicated this process has been. I guess what little hope and trust I had, blinded me to all of the red flags so far. Johnny kept telling me something was up, but I thought it was just his overally realistic pooping on my parade that he gets sometimes. I should have listened.

On September 27 (about nine weeks) after submission, I received an email from our new Lawyer that states they just found out that our items expired due to processing time, and we will be resubmitting a few documents. I was distraught and emailed a pretty heated email while being respectful, and demanded the email correspondence. Cue a new Lawyer, someone higher up thae food chain that was a wiz at this supposedly and was going to get us all fixed up!. I knew that this meant someone had done something wrong, and they were trying to fix it fast.

Now let me tell you something I can go from friendly to ghetto real quick, but I have learned over the years to have pretty good control of my anger. This woman is fortunate I am not using her name or calling her exactly what I think of her, but I'm a grown-up now (I guess). I will say DO NOT USE CARBRAY...I know I encouraged seeing them in past posts, which I will now correct, and most of you have had a positive experience, but with the now 3 lawyers from there I have used, I got completely screwed.

So we are talking to the 3rd Lawyer, and we keep getting items added on that we need. They are not responding to emails I send about financials. It takes them 5 days to get back to us after multiple emails from me. She responds with some crap that she never got an email and can't legally respond or read an email after 3 on Friday when they get off, and that I need to be more patient with her?! I am frustrated and explain in an assertive and not rude way that this is entirely unacceptable. The response I get from her is so patronizing. Here is my side of the email.

"Here is the email I sent to you on Wed, and it is not my fault that you did not see it or read it. I have been more than patient since June. I do not appreciate being talked down to about my patience as I have been incredibly understanding and patient throughout this whole situation. I may have made a mistake by hiring a lawyer firm that is 9 hours ahead, doesn't work after 3 on Fridays, and doesn’t check emails. These forms should have been sent to me last week when I was told that after waiting for months, and then another 9 weeks of waiting after our second submission, I found out that it was rejected again. We have spent 1000s of dollars on you thus far, and honestly, I had been too patient and understanding with our last lawyer..

These are our lives. We sold our house with the good faith that your law firm would be thorough and timely, which has not been the case. Apparently, there is 0 compassion from anyone or concern for how this is affecting us. I have encouraged many people to come to your company on my blog, and ironically they all are on their way to Spain while I am still here.

As mentioned before, I would like the emails sent by the Consulate, and you and ******** continuing to evade that request is ensuring me that something was done wrong on your lawfirms end. At this point, I do not care what you did, but I want the emails to ensure that I am doing it correctly, as I can not trust that your law firm will be timely or thorough. I could go on and on, but you get the point. I have not felt supported since the beginning as I have organized this entirely on my own and, as such, have made a ton of mistakes and need help.

I want the emails that the Consulate sent you to be forwarded to me today so I can sort this mess out.

I lose my shit, but it's not like I cussed her out or something But apparently my being assertive is too aggressive because I'm sure lawyers have never had frustrated clients before. Here is her response

"Dear Tiffany,

I understand your situation and do my best to make it done asap. Please, note, that I have recently received your case the way it was and doing my best to get it finished successfully within my working time, established by Spanish legislation. I am not authorized to read the working email out of established working time. I have sent you all the forms necessary from my side, re-request the new certificates of your medical insurance (see attached), reviewed the documents you sent. I would appreciate the same respectful treatment in the communication, as you receive from me.

Your visa was never rejected. In case of rejection you would receive the official resolution we would have to appeal against. In your case the documents were returned for the correct submission.

Please, do not worry about the order of the documents for submission. Once we collect all of them and get them translated, I suggest you to schedule the call and I will help you to prepare the package the way it must be to avoid the same issue.

Meanwhile, I remain attentive to receive:

  • The penal record certificate with the apostille (adults only)

  • Medical certificate signed by doctor (all applicants)

Once you check the motivation letter and would not wish to change anything, please, get it notarized and send me for the review.

Please, let me know, if you would wish us to request the translation (would be practical to collect them all and send for the translation).

Tiffany, I remain attentive to hearing from you soon,

With compassion to your situation and all the possible support,

Kind regards"

I know this sounds nice but the smart ones know how to fluff up their insults, and soon you will see we are totally right. Side note I love how she believes that saying she is compassionate after not being compassionate is supposed to convince me? So I am fuming at this point, but we need to turn in a few more pages, and we will be done so I can suck it up...

We started to think back to many months ago when the Consulate had us mail in a box for them to send us back our application to reorganize it. VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE STORY. I emailed the she-devil, and point-blank asked her again for the emails and if we need to request our documents back. I let her know that she was not our Lawyer when we did this the last time, and we are surprised that they aren't asking for this as well as other documents. She tells me (which I have documented in emails) that she reviewed all of our correspondence with the first Lawyer (bullshit we exchanged sometime 3 emails a day) and that WE DO NOT NEED TO REQUEST OUR DOCUMENTS BACK. Side note I am so pissed writing this that I forgot caps locks existed and have been holding down the shift button to capitalize. I swear!

So because Johnny and I know this makes zer0 sense, and for the 3rd, maybe 4th time, they haven't even acknowledged our request to forward us the emails, we know we are screwed. We talk to our excellent Facebook tribe (that's you all) and post asking whether we have been screwed, and can anyone fix this, etc. I also send the Consulate an email that I posted below.