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“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” – Leonard Bernstein

My main goal with this website is to connect with others, and the only way to do that authentically is by really showing you who I am. Music has been my therapy, my friend when I didn't have one, and my way to say what I can't always put into words. Besides all that hippy stuff (wipes tear), haha, it is a universal language! You can literally hate someone but if you like the same song there is an instant connection and understanding, at least for a moment. So with all that said I will be adding music that motivates or clicks with me throughout the week. I was going to do a Music Monday but honestly 1 song a week doesn't even kind of cover it. I would love to hear your favorite songs or what represents you and play it on my list! Even if it's not in English please share it with me!

My favorite sentence starter=...side note... I guess you can only hear a sample until you get a SoundCloud account but you can get one for is annoying!

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