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Why we started this Journey

****12/29/2023 Below is how our journey started. What began as an adventure of 3 people and 2 dogs, is now a mission of two with me and my son. It's been a crazy ride and at times so hard but hopefully, it will motivate you to never give up no matter what life throws at you.*******

 Allow me to introduce us! The crazy people you are about to read about are (me) Tiffany, my husband Johnny, our son Jackson, and our 2 dogs Pendleton and Whiskey. I believe that most of us are too interesting to live such boring lives. I was working 40+ hours a week, as was my husband, and we were pretty sure our kid was being raised by daycare.


By the time the weekend came around, we were too tired and still didn't have enough money to do anything fun. We were working just to exist, and living our life on autopilot. This realization led to us completely changing our life and starting our blog Caliente Travels. Here we not only share our story but give you tips and tricks to move abroad


I spent so many years afraid of taking a risk and honestly didn't believe that I could be that person that was truly adventurous. I wanted to tell my story and hopefully give you a place where you could see anything is possible, no matter what stands in your way.


 I am the definition of Murphy's Law so I wanted to show you, that even if everything hits the fan, with some humor, and some tips, it doesn't have to stop you!

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