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#P14 It's Not Me It's You (ok, maybe it's a little Me).

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Well Hello, party people! Feliz Ano Novo! Get ready for all the cliches cause here they come! It's a new year and definitely a new me! 2024 is already shaping up to be the best year I've had in my life. I've decided to change up the blog a little but don't worry the witty, lovable, and insanely talented banter will always remain (that was a little much, but hey you gotta back yourself). So here's what to expect from Caliente Travels.

Ok, so I know these how-tos are super helpful but I kind of feel like stabbing a pencil in my eye when I write them. I have a few items I will definitely discuss but I have been dragging my feet with writing posts and a big part of that is not wanting to how-to stuff. With that being said this year I will be renewing my residency for 3 years, in the month of May, and I will give you the low-down on that process.

We're Traveling Bitches!

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Woot Woot. I have lived in Portugal for 2 years and am finally going to get my travel on. Now for those of you who have been a part of this process, you know that the house I bought had to be totally renovated. What you may not know is I don't have a kitchen. I use a hotplate to cook my meals and the bathroom sink to do the dishes. One would think that my money should go towards a kitchen but fuck it! I've lived without a kitchen for a year I can make do for a while longer.

To get to the point (ask me the time and I'll build you a clock), this blog is finally going to be what it was meant to be in the first place which is travel and exploring. I have a few trips up my sleeves, with my dream come true vacation to Rome coming up.

My birthday is January 27 and to celebrate me and my 37 years of nonsense, I decided to take a 6-day trip to Rome! I won't do real-time updates because I don't feel like being stalked and murdered. But, in true ADHD fashion, I have a ridiculously specific itinerary, mapped, and everything that I will share with you all. Make some Ultimate list or something.

I'm going to hit all the spots including the place I have wanted to go to since I was little, Pompei!!! Apparently, some people found my obsession with mummified corpses a tad on the morbid side but that situation has been remedied. I'm also planning on hitting as many local and hidden food places as I can.

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So we have Rome to look forward to and I'm also thinking of making a trip to the States, see some friends, get my license renewed (oh, joy), and EAT MEXICAN FOOD! If you haven't checked out my Instagram page linked on the website, please do so because I'm going to put sooooo many pictures up this year. Also, you can follow me on Google Maps (Tiffany Libby) to get more detailed reviews etc.

Having a birthday in January has always sucked, crappy weather, combo Christmas gifts, and nobody drinking or having fun, until now. The best time to visit many places in Europe is during January/February when it's the off-season, so that means every year for my birthday I am taking a trip! If you happen to live in one of the places I end up traveling to, hit-me-up, so I can add to my global family.

For now, my birthday is this weekend and I'm going to hit the only Mexican Food place in miles ( because I am fiending for it. I went there right when we moved and had a great meal and chatted with the cook who has lived in Southern California. Won't make a post about it but I will definitely put up some pictures. I guess the word of today is definitely, definitely. Thank you spellcheck because I will never be able to spell that word.

In Conclusion

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I have had the hardest life of my years, and am ready to finally start living not just surviving. I hope to include you in my journey. This blog has been and always will be my attempt to inspire people to do the impossible and to show you that you don't need anyone but yourself and your stubborn-ass determination to make shit happen (at least that works for me).

Over the next year, I'll document my travels, some how-tos (ughghg), and even a day in the life of me (not the boring stuff). Thank you to everyone who has reached out and jumped back into my blog and welcome to all the new people I hope to collect as part of my global family. Like, subscribe, and send me a message (single-mom life can be a little isolating so I welcome the interactions). Boom! Tiffany, over and out!


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