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#10 Ok, Here's A Happy One So Far!

Digression 1.0

As we last left off, we were waiting for the certified letter that our government fingerprints are real, so we can have them apostilled to prove they are real...This post is a happy one, I swear, but first, side rant! Do you ever wish you could do all the jobs? I mean, how inefficient! I ordered fingerprints that on the application state it's for immigration purposes. The DOJ is the one who grants the fingerprints. Due to it being for immigration purposes, they know we have to have them apostilled. To have them apostilled, we have to request the DOJ to send me a certified letter stating that what they sent me is real. I then have to send the letter that the DOJ sent to me back to them to have them apostilled. I hope you're still following me...

Am I crazy thinking that it would be so much more efficient to ask for all the money upfront, request fingerprints, have the DOJ print out the fingerprints, and because they know they are real, they don't need someone to request a certified letter to show that they are real, and could therefore grant the apostille in one single action? I have been told my ADHD brain can be overwhelming to follow, so if I lost you, that's a thing....this is my brain all day long, haha, I overwhelm myself sometimes!

Digression 2.0

I digress. Since our last post, we have received both of our Certified Letters from the DOJ, which is awesome. The next step will be to do another run to LA and hopefully get this whole thing right. During the intermission, we have been working day and night to fix up our house to sell. Not sure if you remember, but we have to sell our home to make the financial qualification, which seems to work out as the LA consulate does not want you to have a mortgage in the U.S. If you have any consulate questions, I wrote you the differences in another article...the title is pretty obvious so I'm sure you will find it. Well, after a lot of crazy DIYing, we are ready to put our house up for sale!

One more side note, in true us fashion...we have been working on getting our front yard grass looking good (California is a dessert). We finally have a beautiful yard, and you won't believe what happened. So my love, Johnny, worked his butt off to replace our back sliding door, and he did a great job. What we didn't get until the damage was done...was he put the old door on the front lawn, and you know what happens when the sun goes through glass? Yep, it burns a giant door-sized spot on your grass! 1 week before we show the house! Luckily we are adaptable people, and we put new sod down. We didn't take a before picture, but in the after picture, you can definitely see where we put the sod, haha. At least it's an improvement!

Happy Stuff

Crap, I did it again! So the happy stuff! We put our house up and have gotten 1 offer from someone who seems really interested. The only cruddy part is we have to wait for 21 days until closing before we can get the money to use for the Visa. At least we don't have to rush back up to LA! Right now, we are waiting on it to get appraised to see if how much the VA loan will cover...(if you need any house selling help, let me know). We are finger-crossing, positive energying, and everything else to make sure this offer goes through. We also offered most of our furniture to them, as we are moving to Spain with just a few suitcases! Plus, we have an awesome custom-made dog run my husband built and a built-in doggy door that exits to the run so the dogs can let themselves out to pee!! Lazy, genius, person's dream! All in all, it has been excellent working on the house, and now we just have to put on our patience pants.

The dog run is in the back.

See, the dog run connects to the house!

If you don't learn, you don't grow/ Digression 3.0!

As a last side note, I got a mentor (who will become known later). They brought to my attention that my European friends may not necessarily understand some American sarcasm. It was a great note cause, as you know, we Americans aren't always the best at learning about other cultures. So all my European readers and soon-to-be friends, cause I'll be across the pond, hehe, please give me any comments on how to integrate and any clarifications if I'm not as funny to you as I think I am, haha! I DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT AMERICAN THAT DOESN'T GET IT! I also got some other good notes to up my game so get ready to be wowed! Ok, like mildly more impressed, haha! And more pictures!

Stay tuned for episode 11, "I'll figure out the title based on how messed up the situation is!" It's like naming a puppy before you get it! The post has to name itself. Also, the website has been a whole other crap hole, so please keep leaving comments! Supposedly someone will fix why they aren't displaying and show them (I still see them)! I use many exclamation points because I don't get it, and I feel like everything deserves energy!! Thank you for the support and for helping to be my personal journal! I also got told by others that I need to sell myself more! So if you like, please share with others that may benefit, and subscribe before I get super famous! Cue winky face!

Created on 4/20/2021

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