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#24 ADHD With a Sprinkle of Mimosas...still no NLV from Spain

I feel like it's been a minute since we have had one of my mimosa blog posts! No one has asked, but I feel like you need it. And yes, Americans use red solo cups for pretty much everything, haha.

So, can I say that the case of Mondays has gotten a million times worse (also probably an American saying cause our work-life balance sucks)? I seem to get all of my correspondence when I wake up at 7:00 am..." your visa needs more crap for the 100th time; you did everything right, but you are being smited for some reason"... I usually can blame everyone, but I guess I have to have an accountability moment ughghg I hate those...

So for all my blathering, I haven't touched on my depression and ADHD. They are best friends and love to make me the butt of the joke. I can hear the eyes rolling now..yes, I said hear...but I swear it's a real thing...So let me tangent, ohhhh haven't done this in a minute.

Overshare time!!

I'm a therapist that hates going to therapy, haha. I feel so awkward and uncomfortable and have a tough time opening up...I am working on this. I try to use this to help my clients not have to do any of the cliche crap that most therapists do because I hate it as, I have not been an angel, so I have been able to relate to a lot of things...with this said no matter what I have been through. I have been through a lot nothing kicked my ass more than the postpartum depression after the birth of my son...

I managed to get through it at first; not always in the healthiest way, but I figured it out, got some meds, and felt a lot better...I know I'm sure you weren't expecting a memoir, but what else should I talk about...oh yeah, how I messed up...I'll get there....side note I definitely overuse the multiple dots to demonstrate my zoning out...................and it is seriously pissing Grammarly off hehe.

Where was I? Yes, dealing with lots of stuff, too much to write here, but growing a person kind of destroyed all my energy. I didn't want to kill myself and my kid, but I could sleep 12 hours and feel like I would pass out from exhaustion. Also being a mom intensified my ADHD 10 I got medicated for that too and have been doing pretty good....well, since I don't have health insurance because I'm not working, I no longer can get my Adderal which was very much helping with my over share much?

At least I'm not boring!

So this has been a very long drawn way to say I screwed up!! Ok, so last week, we discovered we have to submit our application for the 3rd time with updated info on Monday morning...oh, see full circle! We redid our fingerprints and had our results on Friday. I sent the email to the immigration officer, who was super fast at processing and asked us to show our acceptance letter...So I woke up this morning, and low and behold, the immigration person that sends us the DOJ wet seal informs me that we applied for the wrong background check!!!!AHHHHHHHH...

I know, how could I, after all this mess, not find the right one?! Here comes ADHD! I get overwhelmed and excited, and between overthinking things, I rush ahead and miss small details. Ok, 1st submission, I messed it up by not asking for the wet seal before getting it apostilled, so I was like, "I won't do that again. I will make sure to email the immigration people!" Apparently, in my over-focusing on the mess up, I printed out the live scan form that didn't have the specific Immigration code even though I wrote what it was for.....

So woke up to that and sent many frustrating emails to everyone, which was probably not helpful. I went back to the same Live Scan office and re-did our fingerprints (we literally can never commit a crime because we have like four background checks and fingerprints done). At the same time, we were there, we two birdsd it (yes, I made that a verb? yeah an action word)! We also had to update our motivation letter with the new date and financial income, and for some reason, we have to prove that we signed it? I still don't get that, nor does every notary I talked to..cause everyone is like, who would create a motivation letter for us and then falsely sign it with the exact signature that's been on everything else. It doesn't seem to matter cause we applied a million times, and the love letter didn't help us...If you haven't caught on, I'm hyperbolic= an exaggeration made for an effect. See, I'm clever sometimes!

We got our financials last week, sent them to lawyers, redid the background, and finished the motivation letter. We called a clinic that may assess us for significant diseases and sign the medical form, which we will try on Thursday. I printed out all the application forms and signed and organized I think we should be good to go? This is our last go, and if it doesn't work, I have gotten excellent suggestions from you all and have a few backup plans.

Family all over the world!

Honestly, thank you all so much for the feedback...I don't get into it, but I don't have a lot of people here for me, and I've learned to be "fine" a lot. I have met so many beautiful people and had such great support and feedback that I feel like I am starting to have friends in a place I have never been with people I have never met, and it reminds me that family is built, not just given.

So honestly, thank you, and I can't wait to meet you all when I get to paradise....oh yeah, this will come out tomorrow Tues cause I need to Grammarly and add photos, and I don't want to do that right see you tomorrow, or today I guess and hope you're having a good week, life, etc.!!!!

Thpught it would be fun to add this song that I can't get out of my head and is on as a commercial every 5 seconds. I kind of love it haha..sorry to every American who I know is sick of it, but I'm telling you just give in! Remember I know what you need mwhahah...For my non-Americans we are a ridiculous people over here but definitely can have some fun!

******everything hit the fan today, and you are not going to believe that with one email, our entire future changed...I will try to find the time to update you tomorrow bum bum bum. You won't want to miss the most shocking episode to date!

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