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#6 I'm Disease Free And Not Crazy...Sign This!! The Spanish Visa Medical Form.

I'm probably going to jump around and not go in order on the Visa steps and talk about them in the order we did them. At this point, we have finally finished our passport debacle, and we decided to work on other things while it was processing. One of the forms Spain requires is a form that basically spells out that you don't have diseases etc. There is a part on it that says I do not have any mental illness that would cause problems. Don't worry; my husband and I are both diagnosed with depression and take meds, and our doctor had no problem signing it. Plus, if mental illness was a deal-breaker, I don't think anyone would be allowed to go to Spain, hehe! Here I have provided the form, and it has the English and Spanish translations on it.

Now you may be asking yourself how this could get complicated. You print it out, you have them sign it, and there you go. Well, glad you asked! Let me tell you! So I emailed the form to my MD ahead of time and explained the situation to be ready. I also informed her my husband, who she also sees, will be needing the same form. Well, my husband's appointment was a few weeks before mine, and I didn't explain much to him, just to bring them the form, have them put it on letterhead, and sign and stamp it.

So the day of my husband's appointment arrives. After his appointment, I ask my husband to send me a picture of the form while he is at the office to show to my immigration lawyer to make sure it is correct. Luckily he sent it! The MD had their nurse type it up on letterhead but separated the English part from the Spanish part onto two different pages and only signed the page with English. I told him he would need both pages signed. Instead of just signing the second page, I guess there was something lost in translation (haha, get it); they typed up the whole thing, put it on one page, and signed that. They also signed the one page that was not signed. My husband now has three signed forms. It may not sound too stressful but wait!

Now comes my son's and I's turn a few weeks later. I make my appointment and his right after mine. I confirmed with the ladies that there is enough time between our appointments as I will be taking him alone and will need to go to my appointment and his. As we are getting ready that morning, luckily, my husband had the day off and could come with us. So we drive over to the MD's office and check in. As we are waiting, my son had a big giant poop, and guess who's ADHD brain struck again and forgot the diaper bag! Husband runs to the car to forge for a diaper when my doctor and my son's doctor call both of us, so much for space in-between! I call the husband on my phone, with two nurses staring at me and my kid with a giant turd, and told him to run back from the car to take my son to his appointment so I could go to mine. My life is officially a sitcom. Luckily the pediatrician's office has diapers- cause that's not embarrassing as a parent at all...

So while I'm getting my appointment, the nurse had fortunately saved the letter from when they typed it up for my husband and can print it out. The doctor decides that she wants me to get a TB test before she feels comfortable signing it, even though she could care less when my husband did. Ok, I'll take the blood test, come back the next day and get my form signed because I worked three days later, so I wouldn't be able to come in and have it checked.

At this point, I'm looking for my son and husband, who are still in their appointment. They come out and are waiting for the nurse to type up the document on letterhead. Even though the MDs are in the same office, we can't use the already typed-out form. Now my husband informs me that the MD is worried that my son may have an infection and wants him to get his blood drawn. We let the front desk know we are doing that while they type the form. My son and I both get our needling, super fun for an almost 3-year-old and a momma during a deadly pandemic. We go to collect the form, and they hand it to us, and guess what? They did not type up the Spanish part...ahhhh Somehow, I kept my cool explained the situation, and they fixed it. We drive home, and I realize the MD never stamped my son's form...Ok, well, I have to go back tomorrow to get my form signed with my negative TB test, so no big deal.

The next day I get a call from the nurse that my test comes back negative and that my paperwork is signed! I head to the office, and they ask me if I got their message. "What Message," I ask. "Oh, the one where we realized the doctor didn't sign the paperwork and is gone for the day." I'm now talking to a sweet, young girl, who I will not murder because it's not her fault, and try to explain exactly what I need to be done. She tells me, "don't worry, we typed up the forms, and she can sign them at some point and email them to you." I let her know I need the originals and a stamp, which is why I am here in person. She let me know she will load it anyways, and if I end up not needing the originals, they will be there. Mind you, and this is Friday.

On Monday, I call, and they finally have my MD sign my paperwork, and I pick it up. These forms are valid for the Visa for three months, but we were trying to hurry and get everything done as fast as possible. Had I known what was to come, I wouldn't have been in such a rush. Next, in how things can go wrong (what I should have named my site), we will be talking about getting your background check and apostille.

Written: 04/08/21

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