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#11 We Turned in Our Application! Just Kidding

I hadn't written about the Visa Saga for a while because everything had been going smoothly, so I was going to wait until we turned in our application and then Wala! I have the stuff to complain about!! Lucky You! Picture this, our persistent and lovely main character Tiffany has recently sent the husband back to LA to turn in the last part of the apostille paperwork. Each day she runs to the mailbox with hope in her heart and dread in her stomach that this too will be denied. One day she is sitting in her home office when a large envelope is stuck under the door! She instantly recognizes the UPS package as she has spent about a million dollars overnighting paperwork. Unfortunately, Tiffany is in the middle of work and can't run to the door and open the package( thank you for that, husband).

The day finally comes to a close, and she hesitantly goes for the package, to discover the package is opened! She walks out the door yelling, "Did we get it?' She is met with deafening silence, she is alone, and it is the moment of truth. She takes a breath, opens the package, and exclaims, "F*** Yeah!! It had finally arrived. The evil nemesis, the Apostille of the Hague, had been defeated!!! Things were falling into place, and all that was left was the sale of our house which should be going through in less than a week, or will it?

Selling Time!

Well, we lucked out and got an offer on our house the second day we listed it! The termite inspection only needed a few repairs, and the appraisal came in way more than we were expecting!! All we had to do was be patient (my strong suit) and wait for escrow to close. While reviewing the application to make sure everything is in place, it was then that we realized that all our medical forms were days away from expiring (Johnny's the 15th, Jackson the 19th, and because no one could figure mine out the 26th). No worries, we are supposed to close on Monday the 10th, get paid the 11th, run to the bank and get a certified letter, send it to be translated, and submit it by Friday the 14th....phew...but of course, what fun would that be?

Now I'm not complaining, I mean I am, but I understand we are very fortunate yadda yadda, so take my bitching with a grain of salt (is that just an American saying?) Our current status is the Loan Company is behind, and we did not get paid looks like we will be closing on Thursday and getting money on Friday. As my lawyer and translator are in Spain and are 9 hours ahead, there is no way we are getting that done. So the husband will be making a trip to the MD to his paperwork updated.


Now it wouldn't be us without it being more complicated than necessary, so we have another time crunch. Theoretically, if the house closes on Thursday and we get paid on Friday, Johnny has to get the updated paperwork completed, submitted, and translated before Wed the 19th, when Jackson's paperwork is expired. As I'm sure, you remember getting the medical forms was a raging pain in the ass, so we are finger-crossing that all of this works, and we can officially submit our application by the 19th. To add to the joyous time crunch, we also magically need to get the letter from the bank that proves our finances while also having it translated on time, all while we work during the day.

We were informed that the buyer wants to do one last check before they officially sign the paperwork, so we are holding our breath. This wouldn't be an article without one of my paragraph side notes, so here we go! Side note, are we the messiest humans alive because the buyers wanted to come today, for one last look around. We had to tell them to come tomorrow because our house has already reverted to a tornado land since the inspection 4 days ago, haha. I feel like when you have dogs, or a child, one of the perks is blaming them for your laziness, so I just keep telling myself, "Who could possibly keep a house clean for more than 24 hours with a 3-year-old? And 2 dogs?" I mean, I'm not Mary Poppins. We will be scrambling to clean the house tonight so we don't scare away the family moving in, and we should know by tomorrow if we are officially sold!!!

Please tune in to see if our courageous family will finally be able to apply and start the actual planning of moving to Spain. Hopefully, I will be discussing the process of getting the financial letter from the bank and turning in your application ahhhhh!!! Wish us luck!

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Written: 05/11/2021

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