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List of Consulates by U.S. State and Differences- Non-Lucrative Visa

Hey everyone! While I am hurrying up and waiting to do, I thought I would add some info about the NLV.

Check List

I guess this would be a good place to list all the things you need for the Non-Lucrative Visa. Some of these items will be common with all of the Visas but check them for differences. I am going to list the main points, but check out your Spanish Consulate page for some of the specifics. They have common questions listed there and printouts of the forms needed. Below I will list the differences between the Visas based on the consulate. Here are the commonly needed items between all the consulates.

  • 1. Visa application form: The application form must be thoroughly filled out and signed. This will have to be translated into Spanish, so if you can complete it in Spanish or have someone help you complete it in Spanish, it will be less work for you.

  • 2. One passport-type photo.

  • 3. Passport or Travel Document. (Original and photocopy of the main page).

  • 4. I.D. Card (original and photocopy).

  • 5. (Non-US. Citizens only) U.S. Resident Alien Card or valid U.S. long-term Visa. (Original and photocopy

  • 6. EX 01 Form​ printed, filled out, and signed.

  • 8. Medical Certificate: (Original and photocopy, original translation, and photocopy of translation if required): This document must be issued no more than 90 days before your appointment date, must include letterhead and original signature and/or stamp from a doctor (only M.D. or D.O’s will be accepted).

  • 9. Certification of “absence of police records” Only for applicants 18 years of age or older (Original, photocopy, translations into Spanish, photocopy of translations. It must be legalized with the “Apostille of The Hague” and then translated into Spanish​ to be accepted

  • 10. Proof of funds: Documentation in original form with an official stamp and seal of the issuing agency that verifies sufficient economic means for the period of residency in Spain or certifies the availability of a non-working monthly income (e.g., pension) that satisfies the minimum financial requirements.

  • Translation: a translation of all proof of funds by a Sworn Spanish Translator certified by the Spanish Government (no local companies) is required unless the original form of the document(s) is available in Spanish.

  • 12. Medical Insurance: Proof of health insurance from a private or public company with no co-pay (or deductible) is required. The provider must be authorized to operate in Spain. No travel insurance with medical assistance coverage will be accepted.

  • Translation: a translation by a Sworn Spanish Translator of the declaration page

  • 13. Visa Fee

  • 14. Disclaimer duly signed and attached to the application.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: If applying with dependents (husband, wife, or children), the dependents require the following documents in addition to the above-mentioned ones for each corresponding applicant:

  • *********You will need a letter of motivation! It doesn't say so on the site, but my lawyer is having us do one, and I've heard other people say they needed one! It's basically a love letter to Spain. You write who is applying, why you want to move to Spain, and how you plan on supporting yourself (how much savings you are bringing). This letter may also be different based on the consulate.

1. What is the financial requirements in $$$

Single Applicant €25,816 = $31,070

Applicant + 1 dependant €32,270 = $38,837

Applicant + 2 dependants €38,724 = $46,604

About $7107 per applicant

Differences by Consulate

Here are all the Spanish Consulates in the U.S.


1. No Housing requirements, no mortgage criteria, etc. (the most relaxed so far)

Chicago processes these states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, y Wisconsin.

1. Proof of adequate liquid financial resources and income: (present all the documents below)

2. Social Security Benefits, Private or Public retirement benefit other than the Social Security Administration (Army Veteran, Teacher`s union, etc.) (translated into Spanish)…. If you are not officially retired, you cannot present your retirement plan (IRA, 401-K) as a proof. (translated into Spanish)

3. Last 3 years of complete TAX IRS returns (no need to translate).

4. Proof of accommodation. Provide one of the following documents: · Lease (minimum one year) with a “Nota Simple” (issued in the last 3 months by requested by the owner). (In Spanish or translated into Spanish) · Title deed of the property. (In Spanish)


1. Formal petition to apply for the Visa: with a brief explanation of your professional background. Also, why did you decide to go to live in Spain, and what are you planning to do while you reside there. Finally, how long are you planning to stay and any other reasons you would like to explain to support your application.

2. House property/leasing or renting contract in Spain: - If you have a property in Spain, you need to provide the title deed. - In the case of a leasing or renting contract, you must provide the contract minimum for one year together with a copy of the landlord’s ID and a copy of the title deed of property or property certificate.

Los Angeles

  1. Copy of most recent Tax Return. Residency applicants cannot have/leave loans or mortgages in the United States when applying for residency in Spain. Only for Los Angeles Consulate

New York: New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

1. Another state like Boston without any housing etc. requirements

Miami has jurisdiction over the following states: Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

1. Called Residency Non-profit Visa

2. If you are of working age, you must prove receipt of a pension or provide a letter of termination from your employer stating that you will no longer work for that company or, if you are self‐employed, you must provide a sworn statement before a Notary indicating that you agree not to work while living in Spain.

3. Availability of an address as proof of accommodation in the Spanish province where you wish to establish your residence. Present at least one of the following: ‐ Declaration signed before a notary in Spain by a relative or friend where he undertakes to house the interested party; or ‐Leasing contract; or ‐Property title; or ‐ Explanatory letter indicating the province where you want to reside

San Francisco

  1. Letter of intent: Notarized document explaining why you are requesting this visa, the purpose, the place and length of your stay in Spain, and any other reasons you need to explain, with a certified translation into Spanish.

  2. no housing or mortgage requirements

San Juan, Puerto Rico -utilizes Washington DC rules below.

Washington DC

  1. If you already have a place to live or a lease agreement, you should support your application with any documents you may have (it doesn't seem mandatory, it just helps make the case stronger).

As you can see, you need to google the consulate nearest to your home and see what rules apply. I have heard of many people moving temporarily to another consulate jurisdiction because their rules were more lenient, and it was easier to get a Visa. That may sound like a lot of work but may ultimately be cheaper and less difficult than selling your house or getting a 12-month lease in Spain.

update: 4/26/2021

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