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The Ultimate of Ultimates Holiday in Rome: ADHD Edition

By: Tiffany @ Caliente Travels

View from Castel Sant'Angelo

Hello new readers! My name is Tiffany and with my son Jackson, I am going to share with you the most ultimate of ultimates guide to Rome. There is no way to describe how life-changing and amazing my trip to Rome was but I'm going to try.

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures so I'll post the ones with us in them on Instagram ( ) and do the total photo dump on the Facebook Page (


I hate this part but quick plug! If you're new to my site, I have a ton of other stuff you might find helpful, funny, or something to read because you are super bored of looking at (add social media name here). Check it out! Also, you can follow me on Google Maps

The Forum and Palatine Hill

Now that's out of the way, where to begin? So why is this more ultimate than all the other ultimate holiday planners? Because of my superpower that is ADHD hyper-focus.

If you're new to hyper-focus it's this fun thing where you completely ignore all other things in life and blackout spending hours researching every minute (minuet) detail you can think of (ugh spelling is a pain). The long and the short is, hyperfocus, great for research, but not so great for laundry, life skills, etc.

Santa Maria della Vittoria

As I sit surrounded by luggage that has still yet to be unpacked and my overall brand of organized disaster, I am able to give you a killer itinerary that I highly recommend following!

My itinerary was about 7 days, with 2 days for getting to and from Rome, and 5 days to explore. It still wasn't enough time to see it all but hopefully, my tips will help you make the most of your time. At the end of the article there will be a comprehensive list of all the activities and restaurants.

Who Has Time To Eat? We're Planning A Vacation!

Me (Tiffany) and Tiramisu

A hyperfocus' best friends are articles, apps, and bears oh my! I read a gazillion articles about the ultimate Roman Holiday, ultimate secret food locations, ultimate time-saving, etc. You get the point and compiled what I believe is the ultimate of the ultimates list.

First I'll start with the apps I found helpful. The first one I used was There is an app but I don't know how to link it, so here we are. It's a great tool that scans your email as you schedule events, flights, etc, and adds it to your itenerary (I seriously can't spell itinerary). It's not foolproof so you still have to add stuff but it's pretty cool!

Colleseum Underground

The next app I used is, which also has an app, but again here we are. I bought most of my activities here as I found it had some of the best deals and was really easy to navigate.

The next app I used was such a game changer, but apparently, I was on a beta test and they decided to discontinue the service, which is frankly, devastating because it rocked my world, I was going to add a link to my whole itinerary but it won't work after May. It had maps, distances, ways to travel etc.

The last apps were travel-related. If you haven't used I highly recommend it. It finds you super cheap deals for flights and hotels. Typically you aren't going to be able to check bags and will have multiple layovers, so travel light. And last but not least if you take the train in Rome it's good to have the app.

View from Palatine Hill

Maybe one day I'll be famous and I'll get paid to link these sites but for now, I'm pro bono I guess? Because I can be a little all over the place, I found it helpful to create a file in my email just for Rome, and a homepage on my phone that only had my apps for Rome.

I recommend going in February like we did, with fewer tourists, cheaper prices, and not too hot, it was the best way to check out the city.

The Pantheon

Also, things I forgot that are helpful: a portable charger (I bought it for a stupid amount at the airport) and a travel wifi (didn't get it and can't wait to see my phone bill). Now I originally had 3 separate travel wifi (I put wifis but spell check didn't like it) and a portable charger. All 4 items seemed to have left my house right around the time someone else left my house (coincidence I think not but we won't go there).


portable charger

travel wifi

American Airports Can Kick Rocks a.k.a.

Arrival Evening and Rome Day 1

***** So I started writing this article and realized there is so much to tell that this is going to be way too long. So what I am going to do is just list the places we went and those details and write separate blog posts for each day for anyone who wants the comedy of errors layer to the story

******** So yeah this took me way longer to write and I burned myself out so disregard the upper part. This is all you're getting about Rome but it's definitely a lot of good info! Also towards the end of the article I may have lost some continuity, but screw it, it's still a fun ride.


As an American who moved to Portugal 2 years ago, I haven't had any experience flying except from and within the States. These were my first flights within the EU and man it's quick, way less intimate (the scanner in the States basically shows you naked), and way more efficient (organized like a mall that also includes flights).

So let's get into it! While planning my trip I first decided what attractions I wanted to see on which days and then worked on finding restaurants that are near those attractions. Also due to my ADHD hyper-focus nature and addictive personality, I knew I had to find the most wonderful, not too touristy restaurants ever.


6:45 PM Arrival at LVF Airport (the flight was late so we had to go to a later shuttle bus)

8:45 PM Get Your Guide Shuttle Bus

9:30 PM Drop off Rome Termini (Via Marsala)

9:45 PM Trattoria Dell'Omo

11:30 PM Arrive at Hotel: Residenza Antica Roma

Trattoria Dell'Omo

When we first got to Rome we utilized Uber to get around but switched to the Metro for the rest of the trip (after some trial and error haha). The first restaurant we ate at in Rome was about a 3-minute walk from the Station on a little side street.

Out of all the restaurants we ate at while in Rome, the best Fettachini and one of the best Tiramisu, we had was at Trattoria Dell'Omo. The Ravioli were amazing too! The staff were lovely, making sure to grab our bags, promptly got us settled, and supplied me with a glass of wine!

Trattoria Dell'Omo

I Can't Believe We Are Actually Here

a.k.a Rome Day 2

I forgot to mention I have a 5 1/2 year old son so I created an itinerary where we would have one big walking day followed by a slightly less long walking day. My kid is kind of a badass and made it through a lot of walking and adult-centered activities without any issues (some results may vary). We also have been living in Portugal so walking a lot is not new for us.

One more caveat, my original plan had to be adapted at times because out of all my research, organizing is still a problem, and I forgot to look up days and times some places were open. OOPS! One more caveat, one more I 5 years and younger get in for free and 6-17 have a discounted price to all museums and transportation.

Vicus Caprarius


10:00 AM Trevi Fountain

10:30 AM Bar San Marcello

11:15 AM Vicus Caprarius- The Water City

Times started to get fuzzy so I'll just list the ones where we were scheduled and will put an NT ( no time)

NT Santa Maria della Vittoria

NT Pantheon

NT Sant' Eustachio Caffe

NT back to the hotel

2:30-3:50 PM Totally Lost on the Metro and late to our food tasting (didn't realize there were two sides)

3:30 PM-7:30 PM The Roman Food Tour: Unlimited Food and Wine

7:45 PM Metro back to the hotel because we were pros now

I highly recommend utilizing the metro. We had some serious metro fails at first. We kept going back and forth in the wrong direction. Also because I didn't have service underground I had to keep popping out to figure out where we were haha. Anyway, once you figure it out, it is super easy and it is what we used for the rest of the trip. You can buy a ticket, at varying prices, at the Metro Station. We bought the 72-hour unlimited pass for 12 euros (kids ride for free).

Trevi Fountain (tried to blur out people so it looks weird haha)

All the attractions were wonderful and it was amazing to be able to stroll by the Trevi Fountain multiple times during our trip. One of my favorite places wasn't originally on our itinerary, and I feel like such a dumb American but we thought it was the Pantheon at first. It was the Santa Maria della Vittoria. It is a breathtaking church where you can really feel the reverence the Romans have for the Catholic faith.

Vicus Caprarius- The Water City

Santa Maria della Vittoria

Once again the food was amazing at each place and we were sure to sample something different every time! At Bar San Marcello we had our first Italian pastry, Beniets, and it was so delicious, as was my wonderful coffee.

Bar San Marcello

At Sant' Eustachio Caffe, they recommended their special which was an Espresso (that will definitely wake you up), a chocolate biscotti, and a white chocolate cannoli (both were to die for).

Sant' Eustachio Caffe

The last part of our day was The Roman Food Tour; Unlimited Foor and Wine, which I bought on GetYourGuide.

I highly recommend doing a food tour because it was so much fun and yummy. My son was the only child, and of course, didn't like all of the food, but that meant this momma got two of some of the most expensive and special foods (30-year-old Balsalmic, and truffle everything).

By the end of the trip, Jackson was the guest of honor and got first dibs on the Gellato. We really had a great group and a fun time! Some of the food/places on the tour, are posted below.


Bonci Pizzaria

LemonGrass Gelato

The Day That Our Feet Almost Fell Off

a.k.a. Rome Day 3

Jackson kept singing I'm the map, kid (Dora the Explorer Tune)

We were lucky to find our morning coffee spot, Trecaffe that we went to most days as it was a 2-minute walk from our hotel. Trecaffe was a wonderful coffee spot that had wonderful pastries and delicious coffee. The staff was great and you really felt like a local. Be ready to push through some people because it can be quite busy, but it's worth it!


I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I am directionally challenged and even more so without wifi and a glitchy Google Maps. I began to see the results of this challenge when trying to find my way around the Vatican which was today's big adventure.

A few things didn't go as planned (no matter what they say pay for a front-of-the-line pass for St. Peter's Basilica), but we improvised and ended up at Jackson's favorite place Castel Sant'Angelo.

This is a day that you may want to think about as far as following in our footsteps because it was our longest walk by far, and we ended up clocking about 33,000 steps. Jackson barely made it but agreed it was worth it once we ended up at our dinner spot!

The Vatican


8:00 AM Trecaffe (via dei due Macelli)

9:00 AM St. Peter's Basilica and Square (never made inside the line was too long)

11:00 AM Vatican Museums (tried to have a plan and got so lost we just wandered around but I think we saw most of it)

Sistine Chapel

3:30 PM II Sorpasso

NT Castel Sant'Angelo

7:3o PM Hostaria Dino e Tony

The itinerary doesn't seem like a lot but because of some of the places I wanted to eat at and our diversion to the castle, it meant we had to walk a lot farther between places than originally anticipated.

****We got front-of-the-line passes for The Vatican which included the Sistine Chapel and didn't really need it. We didn't get passes to St. Peter's and we were unable to go inside because the line was so long all day.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Our next spot was a little bit of a walk from The Vatican but was a super yummy and popular place. II Sorpasso had great customer service and some of the best charcuterie I have ever had. Jackson and I were both shocked that I actually liked the blue cheese they served me and now have a saying "Momma only likes blue cheese in Italy." How bourgie of me haha.

View from Castel Sant'Angelo at Sunset

Due to having time to kill until our dinner spot opened up we decided to head to the Castle Sant'Angelo and thank goodness we did because Jackson absolutely loved it and didn't want to leave! The only downfall was that it was about a 30-minute walk to the restaurant we planned for dinner.

I'm not going to lie this walk to the restaurant was brutal after so much walking that we had to stop and sit multiple times. Again I'm insanely impressed with Jackson for hanging in there. He did make me sing the Ants Go Marching On forever which led to some very creative lyrics. We eventually made it to our dinner spot Hostaria Dino e Tony.

Hostaria Dino e Tony

Another place that you should make reservations at is Hostaria Dino e Tony. We got there 30-minutes before they opened and sat outside, and because of this we got lucky and grabbed the one open table, on a Saturday night no less. If you want a family Italian experience this is the spot. We were catered to the moment we walked in the door.

We were served by Dino and Tony, who brought us what they thought we would like (didn't look at a menu once). They brought out enough food fit for an army, and that was just the appetizer.

Hostaria Dino e Tony (appetizer)

For the Main Course, we each ordered the type of pasta we liked, from the 4 sauces and started chowing down. To our surprise, we were brought 2 more bowls of pasta so we could try all four! It was a wonderful experience with delicious food and was a highlight of our trip.

Hostaria Dino e Tony

It Was a Good Idea in Theory, Except When You Have ADHD

a.k.a.Rome Day 4

Terrazza del Pincio

For my first-time readers, you don't know but part of my going to Rome was about giving the best birthday present to me, from me, ever! I decided to go the week after my birthday because, on the first Sunday of every month, most museums are free. I thought what a great way to get a deal! The problem is I apparently forgot that places have times and days they are closed and it didn't even cross my mind to look it up.

I was debating whether I should put what I planned vs what had happened was... and I decided I'll put both so that you can give it a whirl and tell me what I missed!


Original Plan

  • Trecaffe

  • Basilica di Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

  • Barberini Palace (couldn't find it cause I wrote the wrong name and didn't know what we were looking for)

  • Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars (closed for repairs)

  • The Keats- Shelley House (closed on Sundays)

  • Piazza di Spagna

  • Pompi Tiramisu

  • Villa Medici (only guided tours)

  • Museo Leonardo da Vinci (private museum so still charged)

  • Piazza del Popolo

  • Rome 3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli, and Tiramisu Cooking Class @ Gusto

So pretty much most of these didn't happen but we found ways to keep busy and see some sites before our cooking class.

Piazza del Popolo

What Actually Happened

NT: Trecaffe (our coffee spot)

NT: Basilica di Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

NT: Piazza di Spagna

NT: Pompi Tiramisu

NT: Terrazza Viale del Belvedere

NT: Terrazza del Pincio

NT: Museo Leonardo da Vinci

NT: Piazza del Popolo

5:00-8:00 PM: Rome 3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli, and Tiramisu Cooking Class @ Gusto

As you can see we saw 0 free museums, but we still got to see some beautiful locations and eat at the amazing Pompi Tiramisu. I had no idea that Tiramisu could come in other flavors! We got a Strawberry Tiramisu, that we made a scene while eating, (picture happy dancing, and happy eating sounds). Definitely made the museum disappointment way better!


The star of the show was absolutely Rome 3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli, and Tiramisu Cooking Class @ Gusto !

I was able to buy these tickets on GetYourGuide. Again Jackson was by far the youngest person present and was feeling really shy at first. The woman leading the class was so wonderful that she broke Jackson out of his shell and he ended up participating and loved the class!

Cooking class fun

Once we were done preparing the food they cooked up the pasta with your desired sauce and we got to eat our dishes at a nice dinner with a glass of wine. They provide you the recipe and I'm so excited to make it when we get home!

Our pasta we made

The Day of Morbid Curiosity

a.k.a. Rome Day 5


On today's episode of The Americans go to Rome we spent the day at a bucket list place for me, which is The Ruins of Pompeii. Since I was a child I was fascinated and heartbroken with the story of Pompei. It truly is a remarkable experience and one that if you can make the time for I highly recommend it. Be prepared that it took over 2 hours by train to get there from Rome, which is why we made Pompei a whole day.

Here's what our timeline looked like for Pompeii Day. I opted to book trains in advance and utilized the site:



7:30 AM Trecaffe (via dei due Macelli)

8:53 AM Roma Termini: Train 1

10:27 AM Piazza Garibaldi: Train 2

11:06 AM Arrive in Pompeii

NT Bar Sport

5:20 PM Leave Pompeii: Train 1

6:30 PM Piazza Garibaldi: Train 2

8:00 PM Arrive in Rome

8:30 PM L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

To save a few euros we stopped at a little store called Bar Sport and picked up some sandwiches and a little bottle of champagne for me to enjoy while walking around Pompeii. There is a food bar within the Pompeii site if interested and I definitely grabbed a midday coffee to keep me going.



I'm not sure if it was the best way but we stopped at a tour office also on our walk from the train station. We paid like 15 euros for a book about Pompeii and a map that showed the most popular sites to hit in Pompeii based on how much time you have. We also entered Pompeii where the Exit typically is, which started us at the amphitheater which I thought was pretty awesome.


They say Pompeii is too big to hit all of the sites in one day but I think we managed to get pretty much all of them. As morbid as this sounds I was hoping to see more of the citizens of Pompeii that were preserved, but there is only a handful of sites dedicated to these figures.

We were able to see more at the end of our time in Pompeii while in the gist shop. Also, there is an option when buying your admission to upgrade it to certain special sites, which we didn't do, but would have in hindsight. There are too many pictures to post them all so check out the Caliente Travels Facebook page to see all of them.


I was reminded of something about myself while walking around Pompeii: I am incredibly directionally challenged, even with a map haha. In all fairness, it really does look the same so it's pretty easy to get lost but I was definitely humbled!

After a long day in Pompeii, we were pretty starving and my son had been begging for authentic Pizza so we found one of the established pizza places in Rome, and let me tell you we were beyond pleased.  L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele had the best pizza I have ever had in my life and the atmosphere was warm with a wonderful staff.

Because I like spicy pizza I always have to order separate pizza for Jackson. The size of the pizzas was insane (we couldn't finish them as much as we tried), although it seems other restaurantgoers had no problem finishing theirs.

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Pepperoni Pizza for Jackson and Diavola for me

The restaurant is located within a child's museum in a kinda sketchy part of Rome, or at least it looked that way at night. The food was well worth the walk and if you end up there and like spicy, try their homemade spicy sauce!

The Day That Made Me Happy Cry

a.k.a. Rome Day 6

Colleseum Arena Floor

Honestly, today was my favorite day for so many reasons. Today was another day where my cracker jack planning didn't go according to plan. Quick tip for you! Apparently, when you look at restaurants and plan an itinerary you should also see what days of the week they are open and closed.

What did we learn you might ask? We learned that Tuesday is a popular day for things to be closed. Although at first we were disappointed we found an amazing breakfast place and we came up with our saying, "Sometimes you mess up and find something better." Jackson absolutely got a kick out of this and kept bringing it up and it was the cutest. "Mom isn't good we messed up 'cause this place is the best" followed by a huge smile and a laugh. He is such a character!

Colleseum Underground

Again, I will put the itinerary with the places we ended up compared to what we planned.


Original Plan

  • La Licata (closed on Tuesdays)

  • 12:45pm Colosseum w/underground tour and arena Floor

  • Palatine Hill and Roman Forum (no start time)

  • Ai Tre Scalini

Colosseum Arena Floor

What Actually Happened

  • Antico Caffe Del Brasile    

  • 12:45pm Colosseum w/underground tour and Arena Floor

  • Palatine Hill and Roman Forum (no start time)

  • Antico Forno Serpenti

  • Aria Tattoo Lab

  • Le Tavernelle

  • 6:00pm           Ai Tre Scalini Bottiglieria

Due to a few flukes in the plan we ended up doing more. eating more, with a little tattoo shop spontaneity. So let's get started!

Antico Caffe Del Brasile

We started our day and decided to walk to the Colleseum and get breakfast on the way. I found a spot online that was said to be awesome. On the way we realized that a ton of places were closed so we stopped at the one place that was open Antico Caffe Del Brasile, and I am so glad we did! The staff was wonderful and we ate, literally, the best pancakes I have had in my entire life. Like, I'm honestly sad I can't have them every day. This restaurant made us so happy about forgetting to see when things were open and was a great start to the day that became very spontaneous.

Antico Caffe Del Brasile

The Colleseum was maybe a 15-minute walk from the restaurant. I bought our tickets ahead of time and opted to pay more for the arena floor and underground tour which I highly recommend doing. I honestly wish I would have paid to go to the upper levels as well but something for next time!

Outside the Colleseum

I can't put into words how awe-struck I was being at the Colleseum. The magnitude, the history, the everything moved me to tears. I didn't think I would like it more than Pompeii but I really did. I probably could have gone here every day during the trip. I recommend being mindful and intentional while here to really feel the history of it all (I mean I am a therapist haha). This also ended up being Jackson's favorite site. I could go on and on but I won't and I'll just photo dump a little. I'll start with the Underground Pictures and Arena Floor pictures I got.

At one point there was a ceiling above all of this but it has fallen apart over time. It was so amazing to imagine all of the gladiators that walked this maze to enter the Arena Floor above to fight to the death. The Arena Floor pictures I'm going to show you have the flooring they were able to reconstruct.

I have so many photos so if you want to see them all check out the Facebook page for Caliente Travels. After our 1 hour tour (we ended up getting more time because our group left us on the Arena Floor so that was super awesome)! From here we walked around and explored the rest of the Colleseum that you can access with the general ticket.

After the Colleseum we headed over to the Palatine Hill which is included in the ticket that I bought for the Colleseum. I wasn't sure what to expect and it was quite beautiful and we really enjoyed it.

I didn't research this before so I didn't know what anything looked like etc. I felt pretty silly when I asked someone where the Roman Forum was and they told me we were standing in it haha. And now I will proceed to picture dump number 2 (hmmmm probably not the best way to say that haha).

The Roman Forum (that I didn't realize it was haha)

On top of Palatine Hill

As you can see it's a very picturesque place and a nice place to sit and relax and just see the beauty. It was a great spot to re-group before we left to walk to our dinner spot...or so we thought.

We took another 20-minute walk to get out of the area and walk to the restaurant that we found was closed ahhhhh. Luckily it was only closed for a few hours due to an electrical issue, so we had time to explore some more places.

While we were waiting we decided to get some food at Antico Forno Serpentiate, where we got some super yummy pastries and I came to my fun and impulsive decision!

Antico Forno Serpenti

Once we finished I realized we had more time to wait until dinner, so I went on Google Maps to see if there were any sights to be seen. I wasn't able to find a spot nearby but I did stumble across a tattoo and piercing shop called Aria Tattoo Lab. In true me fashion I started to think how cool it would be to get something while I was here in Rome.

I had been wanting to get my belly button re-pierced ever since I took it out when I was pregnant, but I had received negativity about me being a mom and that I shouldn't do that. As this trip had already represented my freedom and new life after separation I thought to myself fuck it!

Aria Tattoo

Aria Tattoo Lab was amazing and agreed to let Jackson sit in the waiting room on his tablet while I got my piercing. The piercing artist laughed as Jackson and I yelled to each other from the other room (Jackson was super interested), and in about 5 min it was all done! I am still so happy I got it and now have a permanent reminder of my adventure in Rome.

We walked back to Ai Tre Scalini Bottiglieria but saw that it would be closed until 6:30PM due to an electrical issue so we decided to wait at the bar across the street, Le Tavernelle. They don't allow children inside the bar so I got a yummy cocktail and we waited. Unbeknownst to me Jackson had decided my earbuds didn't fit him and ripped off the covers, which I didn't discover until needing them for the flight (oh kids).

Ai Tre Scalini Bottiglieria

Ai Tre Scalini Bottiglieria had great reviews but they did not do them justice. From start to finish the staff was so friendly and accommodating. They even comped Jackson's meal as he was so tired he fell asleep at the restaurant before eating any of his food.

The waiter picked the perfect wine to pair with my food and I spent a few hours eating, dancing in my seat, and having a few glasses of vino! I ended up making conversation with some people sitting next to me and had a wonderful time.

I decided to call an Uber as Jackson was still sleeping and mom had a good buzz on, and we loaded into the Uber and went back to the hotel. TIP: Prepare to get there early because the place fills quickly and has a long cue (which is much deserved).

I Don't Ever Want To Leave (Our last day in Rome)

a.k.a. Rome Day 7

Judith Beheading Holofernes

On our last day in Rome, we had some time before our flight and decided to do a little wandering, also trying another recommended food spot. It was a nice casual day and a great way to end our trip in Rome. We also ended up finding Barberini Palace!


  • Trecaffe

  • A few local churches

  • National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace

  •                          Piccolo Arancio

We of course decided to start our morning at our breakfast spot for some pastries and coffee. Along the way to Barberini Palace, we walked through a few churches and enjoyed how beautiful they were (no photography allowed).

Barberini Palace

As far as artwork goes some of my favorite pieces were from Barberini Palace. I swear the museum should actually be called "All Women are Whores" according to the descriptions by the artists (haha).

There are very religious works of art there so not so female empowermenty. I personally loved being able to see all the depictions of beautiful and badass women (even though I don't think that's what the artists were going for haha).

There were so many paintings I loved but I'll just photo dump a few of my favorites. Again to see all the photos check out the Facebook page.

And before you ask, the picture above of the woman decapitating a man, is yes in fact, also in magnet and postcard form (and I definitely bought both haha). ***I swear don't hate men these are just powerful photos that affected me.

I mean wow!

As you can see there are numerous depictions of Judith Beheading Holofernes, a biblical story, where Judith saved her people by seducing and beheading Holofernes.

There are quite a few other works of art depicting badass woman but painted in a way to shame their use of sexuality (cue eye roll). I loved this museum and was so glad we got to see it! Anyway, on to the rest of the day.

Piccolo Arancia

Our last stop in Rome was to eat a late lunch at Piccolo Arancia. It was a small and lovely place. It was one of the fancier places (and pricier) that we went to, but it was totally worth it. The service was wonderful as was the food. I very much enjoyed my clam pasta!

After lunch, we took the metro back to the meeting spot for our bus to the airport and we were on our way back home!

A Life-Changing trip!

Roman Forum

In conclusion, I can say that Jackson and I had an amazing and unforgettable time. I learned a lot about myself and got to connect with my son in a meaningful way. If you are thinking of going to Rome I can't recommend it more! Don't let anyone make you think you aren't capable or let you underestimate yourself. Take the leap and enjoy the adventure that is life! I know we sure are!

If you enjoyed reading about our adventure, please check out the rest of my travel blog and be sure to like, share, and comment! Come join our world family and as always see you on the same bat channel and same bat time!

List of all the Sites/Excursions

  • Hotel: Residenza Antica Roma

  • Trevi Fountain

  • Vicus Caprarius- The Water City

  • Santa Maria della Vittoria

  • Pantheon

  • The Roman Food Tour: Unlimited Food and Wine

  • St. Peter's Basilica and Square

  • Vatican Museums

  • Sistine Chapel

  • Castel Sant'Angelo

  • Basilica di Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

  • Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars

  • The Keats- Shelley House     (closed on Sundays)

  • Piazza di Spagna

  • Villa Medici     (only guided tours)

  • Museo Leonardo da Vinci     (private museum so still charged)

  • Piazza del Popolo

  • Rome 3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli, and Tiramisu Cooking Class @ Gusto

  • Terrazza Viale del Belvedere

  • Terrazza del Pincio

  • Pompeii

  • Colosseum w/underground tour and Arena Floor

  • Palatine Hill and Roman Forum

  • Aria Tattoo Lab

  • National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace

List of all the Restaurants

  • Trattoria Dell'Omo

  • Bar San Marcello

  • Sant' Eustachio Caffe

  • Trecaffe (via dei due Macelli)

  • II Sorpasso

  • Hostaria Dino e Tony

  • Pompi Tiramisu

  • Bar Sport

  • L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

  • Antico Caffe Del Brasile

  • La Licata      (closed Tuesdays)

  • Antico Forno Serpenti

  • Le Tavernelle

  • Ai Tre Scalini Bottiglieria

  • Piccolo Arancio

Enjoy a few blog posts that summarize various parts of our journey


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