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P#3 I've Learned or I'm Delusional aka D7 Portuguese Visa


Why hellllooooo...In my head, that sounded like Julia Child. For my youngins, please look her up she is PERFECTION. Possibly even my spirit animal! So welcome to a taste of Julia....Back to business! These posts will cover a lot more of the process than my Spanish ones did, as it has been pretty straightforward to collect everything. As I write, we are in the part that gives me the most anxiety, which is waiting for everything to process as I have nothing to do.

My husband, haha, tried to tell me to "stop thinking about it." Oh, sweet man, that's cute! My response is, "there is no stopping, only acknowledging I'm overthinking it. That is what I drink alcohol. I have to kill the thoughts away, haha." Public Service Announcement for my newbs I am not a raging alcoholic; actually, it doesn't take much; I'm just hyperbolic (an exaggeration made for an effect). You might as well call it Tifferbolic!

Sorry got is mimosa thirty! What time is that, you ask? Since mimosas don't count as drinking cause you can do it in the morning, it's whatever time you say it is!! Where to begin? So we freaked out. I told off my lawyers and decided to get the Portugal Visa. We have been living in Hawthorne, Los Angeles, and renting a room from a hotel that has a kitchen...Recently updated to one with a spare room. So yay!

We figured that we would spend a few more weeks here, get all of our items together, and make our appointment at the Consulate in San Francisco on the way up to Oregon. There we will get a trailer. We decided to stay through the holidays and spend some family time with Johnny's family. We think that we will be able to leave on January 5th, if things don't go wrong (hahahahaha). Oh yeah, also for newbies I am Murphey's Law. If it can go wrong, it will.


I totally started this blog about one week ago. I got hit with a wave of depression for about a week and just couldn't get my head right to go through the details. It has been such a whirlwind compared to getting the other visa that happened over months. I am so happy to be moving fast, but each setback hits me harder than expected.

We ended up getting all of our legal paperwork, like our visas and passports, from the Consulate of Spain this last Monday, and wow was that an adventure. I am going to update the Spain saga with that, so I highly recommend you head over to that in the next couple of days.

I wanted to at least finish this post since I think the tides are turning, and things might be going our way...knock on wood... Yeah so super lame post, and I will fill in all the details of obtaining our information for the Portugal Visa as soon as I can. This weekend we are heading to Oregon and kinda changing up our plans, so I have to clean out my car and sell it to CarMax. We will only have the truck then, which will be nice but crammed, so I will also have to downsize more and possibly be giving items to the employees/new family of the hotel we have been living in for the last six weeks.

Usually, this is where I would promote myself, but this is not my best work. My newbies probably think you're tired already? But The Spain saga started in June, so I've done well so far. This is something I have noticed as a therapist. I call them my Tiffany epiphany's...isn't it perfect that it rhymes with my name and I'm a therapist!! I swear it was fate!

Do you know how when you're sick, you feel exhausted as you're getting better? What's happening is that your body was working hard fighting the infection and as you recover, it falls down exhausted because it did its job. Mental health is the same way. When you are going through the times where you're just fighting to keep up, get through it. You are unrelenting.

Once things in your life seem to calm down a little in some areas, you retire, you leave a bad relationship, etc., before you feel totally better, you kind of fall down from exhaustion. I think that is what happened to me. I have been non-stop since June, and now that things have calmed down a little, I have just wanted to lay in bed all week.

So I wallowed and did the bare minimum. We annoyed the crap out of each other. Cried a lot...I cried a lot.... I felt better and got us emotionally stable, and my wonderful husband took care of everything other than working for me, and gave me rest! I will say we aren't perfect but we definitely learned how to support each other. I will leave you with a..."don't quit on me now, it will get good again, I promise." Things have actually been improving the last few days. All of my weary travelers, we will get through this together........eventually!

I got sick of Grammarly editing out my likes, kindas, and totallys, as well as my ellipses..............It is the California way and I don't care if it's not concise or assertive Grammarly! I like them!! ............................................................I'm sorry Grammarly, I appreciate you, don't leave me, I just need to be me too!... Well, that was awkward......I hate fighting in front of the um, thanks again, everyone! To be continued.......

(hope this isn't offensive! I just thought it was funny because she doesn't look like someone who would say get loaded haha)

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