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#16 AHHHHHHHHHH AKA making changes to Spain's Visa Application

I feel like referencing The Shining is pretty accurate right now...You know a writer who slowly goes insane and eventually goes on a murdering spree..."All Visa paperwork and no play makes Tiffany a dull girl." Don't worry I won't kill anyone, then I definitely couldn't go to Spain.

This post will probably be not as cheery as you are used to from me, haha, and more to the point. We turned in our copies via email to the consulate and, about 2 weeks later, was told everything looked right, and we could send the originals... So we sent the originals, and 1 week later, we received word that our application is incorrect.

I guess more things to watch out for when completing the application

The Consulate emailed our lawyer with a response once they began to process our original paperwork for the Visa. Our lawyer was very surprised we received this response, but that's because she has never had me as a client before! Here is the list of corrections.

1. The order was wrong. I organized the hell out of it, but they wanted it organized by family members: Johnny's Application, Tiffany's Application, etc. I had a feeling, but I wasn't sure so...

2. The "forms are wrong," but we do not know which forms, so my lawyer will try and figure out which ones so that we can correct them. **she had corrected an address when sending in the copies but forgot to tell us so we didn't send in the corrected original forms...

3. La Consulate doesn't have this as a requirement, and maybe I'm just the lucky one, but they want me to provide a letter from my employer that states I will no longer be working for her. This isn't a problem, except we are temporarily not in the state, so we will likely have to have that mailed to us, and I'm assuming it will need to be translated, crap

4. Our letter of motivation, which is also not on the checklist but our lawyer told us to write, apparently needs to be signed and notarized. See they have it out for me!

Apparently being homeless and driving around the country is not great when you are trying to get government documents signed

I started this post last week, but since we decided to take a multi-state road trip to see family, we have been in many motels and cars, so I've been too tired to write. Why today, you ask? Well, I'll tell you! The consulate wanted us to mail an envelope with prepaid postage to send our whole application back to correct the order and add the supplemental forms. At this point, I think I pissed someone off by not having it in the right order, and they just added a bunch of stuff needed to punish me, that or I'm cursed! Who's to say?

Soooooo we went to the post office and spent another $50 to have it sent 2 days and have a 2-day pre-postage envelope sent. This was Thursday of last week. They received the envelope Monday. I also called my boss during this time, and she agreed to write the termination letter, as did Johnny's boss, even though he has not worked for the last 3 months. They would then email the completed form to us so we can send it off for translations while we wait for them to mail the originals to my sister-in-law's house because we will not be back in California until the end of July.

On Wednesday, we received an email from the consulate stating that I guess we were supposed to send a box to send the application back and that they can't send it to a non-California address. They informed me If I no longer live in California, I would have to use the San Francisco Consulate. I emailed them, letting them know our residence is in California but that we are just away and didn't want to wait to get the application until we go back to California. Now I'm super worried that this is somehow going to be an issue too.

I basically threw myself on the ground like a toddler, but in a grown-up way

Today is Thursday, I think? We are in our 5th hotel for the last 2 weeks...We are waiting on termination letters to arrive and will spend $50 to send a box to the consulate so they can send back our application. I will have to put our residence in California, and once they receive it, have them mail it to us in Idaho while we are there so we can get this all submitted again. In the meantime, we are in the process of trying to move our plane tickets to August 9th, which didn't work barely when getting them the first time, so we get to do that process again. I canceled our Air BnB and told the dog moving company that we will be changing the date.

I am really hoping my next post will be filled with good news about the status of our Visa and our plane tickets and will hopefully, finally, be on our way! I feel like we are at the plot twist of the story where it is revealed that all along, our true nemissary was not the Apostille From Hell or the Plane Tickets Of Incoherence, but really The Visa Of Never-ending Inefficiency! The good part is if we are at the final boss, which means we will either be victorious or left in a puddle of our own destruction. So stay tuned to find out once and for all who will be triumphant!

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