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The Adventures of Moving from California to Alicante, Spain

(get it Cali-e-nte, if cali and alicante had a baby)

family photo

Hello! Welcome to my site! I created the site Caliente Travels to help everyday people like myself realize that they can live out their dream and make every day a vacation! I was working 40+ hours and was watching my whole life pass me by. I always thought moving abroad would be way too expensive and difficult until I looked into it. I could move to Spain, have a beautiful house by the beach, all the amenities, and pay for a family of 3, for the same price my mortgage cost living in California! My bills would go from over $7000 to $2500...what?!!!

We decided to go for it, and along the way, I learned some tricks, through a lot of trial and error, so I wanted to share my experience to help inspire others to finally find their happy. I wanted to give people a place to navigate the move when everything goes wrong, as it did for us, and not lose hope. My goal is to keep you updated once in Spain with Vlogs and photos to show you what it's really like to move to a new country! So, sit back, relax, read on, and become a part of this crazy, amazing ride!

So, according to my analytics (super fancy), this is the site people leave the most on (so I think I am coming off way too hippy and not enough funny). I promise intrigue, suspense, sarcasm, and super not boring information, so read on!


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