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The Adventures of Moving from California to Spain then Portugal

(When life gives you lemons you say screw it and squirt it in its eyes)


Hello! Welcome to my site! I originally created the site Caliente Travels to help everyday people like myself realize that they can live out their dream and make every day a vacation! I was working 40+ hours and was watching my whole life pass me by. I always thought moving abroad would be way too expensive and difficult until I looked into it. I could move to Spain or Portugal, have a beautiful house by the beach, all the amenities, for the same price my mortgage cost living in California! My bills would go from over $7000 to $2500...what?!!

This blog turned into definitely a great what not to do, and who not to trust. What do they say the universe laughs while you're making plans? We will take you through the topsy, turvy Spanish Visa process and how when life chews you up and spits you out, to not give up and adapt!  For us adapting turned into moving to Portugal instead, which may even be a better fit. Start our story with the Spanish Visa Saga for a lot of helpful info and a funny and intense story. Follow our Journey to the Portugal Visa saga or start there to get help with that Visa process. If you could give a crap about either of those and want to laugh, cry, and punch the air, come enjoy a great story

We can't wait for you to join our family that we are creating all over the world and hope to show you that although everything may be working against you, you don't have to lie down and take it!


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